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SidewinderPhotoColourBalancer F3-C17

SidewinderPhotoColourBalancer SidewinderPhotoColourBalancer F3-C17

Screenshots of SidewinderPhotoColourBalancer

SidewinderPhotoColourBalancer Publisher's Description

Sidewinder is a basic photo editor for 24 bit color images (non transparent) written in Java2 JRE RECENT (1.8.0_20) x platform for Win Linux, it uses a backup array of the original camera image numeric to calibrate operations on the visual photo numeric, it supports cropping resizing(down) and has exposure correction. It has a 28 image preview system to help show the result of the current image and assist visually of balancing the colours in the photo.
It is designed to be simple and not a complete image editing solution. It does have minimal text onto photo writing, and exposure correction aka gamma or mid tone, standard contrast, mirror flip vertical horizontal, rotate, aspect ratio resize, and other offbeat imaging algorithm operations e.g RGB and brightness 16 band filter system, to convert colour to black and white. Saving over the original photo is not supported to minimise some of incalculable loss of accident.
There are also some tutorials and tips at the origin site.

What's New in Version F3-C17 of SidewinderPhotoColourBalancer

normal contrast algorithm added, minor interface redesign on HueBoard , finer increment set for exposure controls.

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